Adrian Pudlyk


Adrian began working at the Foot & Balance Centre for Jo back in 2011. He graduated from QUT in Brisbane in 2003 and has spent several years working around Australia as well as abroad. He has an interest in sports podiatry as well as surgery. 

A proud father of 3, Adrian enjoys family time at the beach, running and yoga. 

He sees patients in the clinic on Saturday mornings

Bree Jones


Introducing Bree Jones, our lead reception staff and key member of the F&B family puzzle! Bree began working at the Practice 3 + years ago and is the glue of our business. She holds everything together. Bree runs the front desk, takes care of bookings and sterilisation of the clinic instruments. She also runs some of our social media, marketing and newsletter mail outs. Bree enjoys walking her beloved Golden Retriever, Catching up on the recent Netflix shows and Mexican food. 


Joanne Byster-Bowles


This podiatrist needs no formal introduction! Joanne Byster- Bowles is the godmother of podiatry on the Gold Coast and Tweed! 

She’s done it all and still is. Jo established the Foot & Balance Centre way back in 1986. How many sets of feet has she treated in her amazing career?!

Jo is still practicing and seeing patients in the clinic on Monday’s. 

Natasha Nadon


French Canadian born Natasha Nadon graduated locally from SCU in 2017. A proud mother, Natasha enjoys the simple life of walks, cycling and spending time with her family. She sees patients at The Foot & Balance Centre Monday - Wednesday and alternate Friday’s 


Caoimhe Holly


Meet Caoimhe (Keeva) our Irish podiatrist who has called Gold Coast home for almost 4 years. Caoimhe enjoys all aspects of Podiatry and has a great rapport with our older patients. Her keen interest in sports biomechanics and rehabilitation is linked to her dancing and football background which she takes part in on a regular basis. When Caoimhe isn’t working, you will find her enjoying a coffee by the beach or watching crime documentaries on Netflix. Caoimhe sees patients in the clinic on Thursday and Fridays and works on the road Tuesday's and Saturday's.

Suzie Watterson


Suzie graduated from Podiatry in the UK in 2003 and loves fixing ingrown toenails. She has two sons. Suzie looks after patients at The Foot & Balance Centre on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and then is on the road Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. On the weekend, Suzie enjoys heading to the beach with her family as well as finding new trendy cafes for breakfast.




So here’s Claire and she’s absolutely wonderful! Claire is our mobile podiatrist who enjoys treating all types of patients but being a history buff, she particularly loves looking after and chatting with our Veterans. Claire is enthusiastic, professional, energetic and incredibly proficient. Call reception at the Foot & Balance Centre to book a home visit with the one and only Claire!

Jordan Vaughan


Based in northern NSW and graduated from SCU Gold Coast, Jordan has previously enjoyed a 7-year career within aged care, caring and advocating for the elderly. Jordan is a proud father that enjoys his family time as well as a variety of documentaries and podcasts on health and true stories. He looks forward to expanding clinical skills in all aspects of podiatry within mobile and clinic settings.  

Jordan Vaughan

Bree Holland


Introducing the newest member of our team, Bree Holland! Bree is a Gold Coast local who enjoys F45, going to the beach and playing with her cute puppy. She has taken over from Bree Jones as lead receptionist who is currently on maternity leave! 

Bree Holland

Janet Suttle


Meet Janet, one of our very friendly reception staff. Janet is a proud and busy mother of 3 talented daughters. She enjoys taking long walks and has been known to be found with her head deep in a good book or watching a Netflix crime show. Janet is really excited to be back in Australia having been in the UK for over 20 years. We love Janet and are so lucky to have her as part of the helpful team at the Foot & Balance Centre.



Meet our adorable Therapy Dog! Louie is a French Bulldog and loves running around the clinic meeting patients. Research has shown that therapy dogs can help reduce stress and provide a sense of connection in difficult situations. When he's not causing mischief in the clinic, you will find Louie playing on the beach, running with Adrian, napping out the back or even practicing his downward dog in yoga! Book an appointment at the clinic to meet the adorable Louie.